Southern States Automotive Contractors Association

The Southern States Automotive Contractor Association is the product of construction professionals and contractors working together for the betterment of the automotive industry.

Specifically, we focus on:

  • Leading the drive to achieve the safest work sites possible.
  • Supporting training programs to provide real-time skills enhancement to keep pace with auto industry advancements.
  • Developing and promoting the American auto industry

We believe that the American auto industry will succeed if our facilities are the world’s safest and most productive as a result of a superior-trained, drug-tested professional workforce.

From military veteran recruitment to superintendent and foreman management training, we engage and develop all levels of the workforce to ensure the right professionals are ready for the any challenge or opportunity the auto industry has.


Our safety priority is your peace of mind

Safety is the overriding principle for accomplishing our work. It is an equal deliverable with cost and scheduling. Well before work begins, we establish a safety partnership with our customers to protect crews and the owner’s assets. Our objective is to remove jobsite injuries, work stoppages and higher project costs due to illness or accidents, worker disabilities, workers’ compensation claims, and death. Here’s our program.

Workforce Development

Our capabilities fuel your ROI

We are expertly qualified in everything from outages and maintenance to mechatronics. We employ the auto industry’s go-to professionals for machinery setting, rigging, welding, alignments, outages, and more. We leverage our experience and success with sophisticated precision levels and layout tools to set this equipment—sometimes adjusting to the width of a human hair—so that one station works in harmony with the next. See what we’re accomplishing.


Our training is your asset

Through skill-enhancement training, we supply safe, fast, accurate work, 24/7, 365. Through leadership training, we gain and maintain a safe, professional, and productive culture with a positive attitude and a desire for excellence. Through business training, we support the importance of customer service and a commitment to maintain a high industrial standard. Learn more about our world-class training.