Southern States Automotive Contractors Association


SSACA contractors benefit from comprehensive, career-long, customized training for our crews.

This allows us to meet changing industry demands.

This training isn’t government funded, and no tuition was charged to the trainee; it’s funded by the investment that each of our contractors makes into the workforce of this industry.

Training at this level translates into dollars—safer projects, higher quality, produced on time and on budget.

Through skill-enhancement training, we supply safe, fast, accurate work, 24/7, 365. Through leadership training, we gain and maintain a safe, professional, and productive culture with a positive attitude and a desire for excellence. Through business training, we support the importance of customer service and a commitment to maintain a high industrial standard.

We train on the most advanced equipment and tools in the industry, using a standardized curriculum, so that regardless of location, we supply professionals with the same, elite skill set. Just a sample of the skill set our technicians provide include:

Mastering Mechatronics

Our proprietary mechatronics technician training program develops skills to assemble, program, and maintain the mechanical, electronic, and computing components of robotics. Mechanics train using four integrated systems that include a robot, its electronic controller, and other peripherals. Jobsite, hands-on training is also provided.

For the automotive industry, our mechatronics training delivers craftsmen who are highly skilled—and who possess the vocabulary and understand the systems in order to communicate effectively.

Special Attention to Safety

There is no substitute for solid attention to safety, and we believe a safe work site is achieved only by comprehensive training for every employee on every project. Our crews must complete and achieve mastery of the following health and safety training programs:

Our Difference is Our Training